Page for recruiting institutions

You can use the services and functions such as registering and publishing job postings, searching and viewing job applicant information, sending job applicant inquiry e-mail, web application function, etc. These services and functions require the registration and signing in as Recruiting Institutions (free of charge.)

  As the registration starts
 Eligibility for registering as Recruiting Institutions
Institutions in Japan: National university, Public university, Private university, Junior college, Professional or vocational university, Professional or vocational junior college, Technical college, Professional training college, Elementary school, Junior high school, High school, Ministry or government or local government office (including public research institute), Independent administrative institute, Semi-governmental corporation, Government-authorized corporation or any other similar institutions.
Institutions outside Japan: Universities, Public research institution, International institution.

- When we received the request of registration from Public corporation, Private corporation, and other institutions in Japan, We will judge each time after receiving the documents specified by JST such as job postings. However, the institution aiming to post jobs entirely to hire dispatched worker, are out of eligible.
- The institutions outside Japan must satisfy at least one of the following.
(a)Made at least one memorandum or agreements with Japanese government or public institution.
(b)Made at least one memorandum or agreements with Japanese University or public research institution.
(c)Have conducted the joint research with University or public research institution in Japan.
(d)Can be judged if the institution conform to the (a) to (c) above.
Moreover, the institutions outside Japan will be requested to provide the following information.
1)The URL of the official Web site of the institution.
2)The proof of the satisfaction of (a) to (d) listed above (The proof is better be on Internet.)
3)The job posting

 Services provided
[Registering job postings]
A job postings can be registered 24/7.
* The registered job posting will be published after the secretariat has checked it. At the earliest, the job posting will be published in the next data update process (approximately 30 minutes after 00:00).
* See the "List of job type." to check the eligible job type.

[Search and view the job applicant information]
Job applicant information (anonymous) can be viewed on this website.

[Job applicant inquiry e-mails]
You can make contact through JREC-IN Portal to the job applicant you are interested in.

[Web application]
You can receive the application documents from the User through JREC-IN Portal.
You can manage the status of the applicants.
* You need to select "Possible" under "Web application" column when registering a job posting to use this function.

 Steps for registering as a Recruiting Institution
  1. Apply for Recruiting Institution
    Click [Register] on the right, and read the regulations for Recruiting Institution thoroughly. Then, click on [Agree to the above regulations and register as a Recruiting Institution] and fill the application form on the next page.
  2. Password setting
    After confirming the application information, the e-mail including the URL for the password setting page will be sent to you. You are required to access that page on the web and setup your password within 7 days.
    * If the job posting registration was requested after the office hours of the secretariat (close at 16:00 on weekdays) or on a Saturday, Sunday or national holiday, it will be handled next day or after.
  3. End of registration
    When you complete registering the password, the registration procedure is completed.