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English Teacher Position(English pedagogy, English teaching methods or related fields. )
Nagano University
URL of institution or department
The General Affaires and Personnel Affaire
Institution type
Public university
Content of job information

[Description of the institution (year of establishment, capital amount, number of employees, etc.), details of the business, recruitment background information, project description, etc.]

[Job description (work / duties after recruitment, subject responsible for, etc.)]
Field of expertise:
English pedagogy, English teaching methods or related fields.

[Subjects to be Taught]
(1)English related subjects across all university departments. (From elementary to advanced levels)
(2)International Career Seminar (in English)
In addition, the successful applicant may be asked to teach subjects other than the above, such as “Subject Discover Seminar" for freshman, based on the applicant's specialty.

[Address of work location and other information]
Nagano University
658-1 Shimonogo, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture 386-1298, Japan

[Available positions (job title, number of positions, etc.)]
Assistant professor or associate professor

[Starting date, employment date, etc.]

Research field
Job type
Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) level
Assistant Professor level
Employment status
This position guarantees employment until the age of sixty five if an applicants' tenure review is passed after a five year probationary period. Applicants who are sixty years or older may also apply, and the employment period is five years (up to seventy years old).
Work location
Hokuriku and Koshinetsu district - Nagano 

[Public qualifications needed in specific field(s), conditions (education, degree, etc.), experience (how many years) and expertise required for specific field(s)]

(1)Ability to understand the educational philosophy of the university and to cooperate with the management of the faculty based on the education policy of the faculty.
(2)A Ph.D. or equivalent scholarly achievement.
(3)Experience in developing English education policies and promoting English language courses at institutions of higher education.
(4)After taking the position, the successful applicant must be able to engage in research and educational activities as a researcher in fields related to languages with a view to solving regional problems and contributing to the local community in Nagano prefecture, especially in Ueda City, where Nagano University is located.
(5)Completion of a course such as TESL or TEFL is preferred.
(6)Applicants who do not speak Japanese as their native language must have sufficient Japanese language proficiency to get along in the office.

*Applicants must be able to live in or around Ueda City after hiring.


[Treatment after recruitment (job title, salary, working hours, employment type, employment period / trial period)] * Important
(1)Department: Business Information
(2)Salary Rate: Pay is commensurate with experience and credentials.
Sample Salary rate:
Professor: 410,000 JEN minimum~
Associate professor: 330,000 JEN minimum~
Assistant professor: 280,000 JEN minimum~
(3)Benefits: Employees' social insurance, health insurance, pension welfare, and employees' accident compensation insurance

Application period
2021/10/29 Deadline for receipt
/notification of result
/contact details

Documents for Application:
(1)Applicant's personal record (academic history after graduating from high school, work history, membership in academic societies, and qualifications or certifications. Applicants with prior teaching experience should submit the course name(s) and a photo)
(2)List of publications and research achievements
(3)Major books or papers, limit of three (photocopies are acceptable)
(4)Education/course plan after taking the position * Free-form essay. About 1600 characters
(5)Outline of course plan for “English Reading" and “English Conversation" classes at intermediate level
(6)Research plan after taking the position * Free-form essay. About 2000 characters
(7)Diploma or certificate of completion from the last school attended
(8)For those with a doctoral or master's degree, a certificate of degree acquisition or copy of the diploma
(9)A letter of recommendation is desirable ( one letter of recommendation from a person who knows the applicant's personality, achievement, etc.)
* The submitted documents will not be returned (except for books)
* (1) Nagano University has a standard form for the personal record. Applicants should download the form from the link below.

Selection Process:
After documents screening, qualified applicants will be invited to have an interview, and to give a demo lesson either online or in person on the Nagano University Campus. Transportation expenses for the in-person interview are not reimbursed. (Interviews of applicants from abroad will be held online. ) The result of the selection will be announced around January 4th 2022.

Address for the Submission of the Application Documents:
The General Affaires and Personnel Affaire, Nagano University
658-1 Shimonogo, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture 386-1298, Japan
TEL: +81 268 39 0001 (Representative)
FAX: +81 268 39 0002
※Write in red “Application for Full-Time
Position in English Language" on the package and send it by registered mail.

Online Submission
Online Submission is Not Available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
Not available
Email Application
Not available
Recruiting Institution's
Web application system
Not available
Additional considerations when applying
■Applying from Long-Distance Areas or Overseas

Interviews of applicants from abroad will be held online.

Additional information

The personal information contained in the application documents will not be used for any purpose other than faculty selection and employment.

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