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Call for Applications for a Full-time Non-Tenured Lecturer Position in English Language Education at Matsuyama University
Matsuyama University
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Private university
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Matsuyama University is seeking applicants for a full-time, non-tenured lecturer position(Contract Lecturer for Foreign Language Education, 外国語教育特別任用講師) in charge of general education English language courses, starting April 1st, 2022.

(1)Teaching hours and areas
The successful candidate will teach 12 hours (8 classes) of English-related courses per week. These might include large classes with more than 60 students. S/he will also perform tasks such as preparing teaching materials, consulting students on various activities, and possibly giving guidance on short-term study abroad programs.
(2)Work location address: 4-2 Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama, Ehime
(3)Number of positions: 1
(4)Starting date: April 1, 2022

Research field
English language education (including applied linguistics/TESOL/TEFL), linguistics/sociolinguistics, intercultural communication, or related fields.
Job type
Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) level
Employment status
Period of employment: The period of employment will begin on April 1, 2022, and finish on March 31, 2023. The contract can be renewed up to three times but cannot be renewed if the employee has reached the age of 70
Work location
Shikoku district - Ehime 

Candidates are required to possess the following qualifications and experience as of April 1st, 2022:
(1) Have a master's degree or higher in a relevant field from an accredited university.
(2) Be a native speaker of English with Japanese skills sufficient to perform tasks related to university duties or be a non-native English speaker with native-like English proficiency and sufficient Japanese skills to carry out tasks related to university duties.
(3) Have specialized in a research field related to English education, such as English language education (including applied linguistics/TESOL/TEFL), linguistics, sociolinguistics, or intercultural communication, in a master's or doctoral degree course and trained to teach English as a foreign or second language, or have experience of teaching English in a public institution or equivalent setting.


Salary (Annual salary system): 5,040,000 yen per year.
Allowances:A housing allowance, commuting allowance, and allowance for teaching additional courses will be provided where applicable.
Components withdrawn from salary: Legally charged taxes, labor insurance premiums, and social insurance premiums (stipulated by Private School Personnel Mutual Aid Association Act) must be borne by the employee.
※There are rare cases where income and resident taxes are exempt by tax treaties.
Research funding: Research funds (400,000 yen in total) will be paid in accordance with university regulations.
International relocation expenses: MU will reimburse travel costs for a return airfare for candidates from overseas covering the cost of a flight from candidate's home location to Matsuyama airport and the return flight within one month after contract completion. This expense covers the candidate only and does not cover family members. A fee of up to 100,000yen will be paid to cover relocation costs above and beyond flights. After taking office, a post-arrival allowance of 70,000 yen will be paid to cover further costs upon arrival.

Application period
2021/09/14 -  2021/11/12 Deadline for receipt
/notification of result
/contact details

1.Application and selection process:
① Send application documents by registered mail to:
SAKURAI Keiichiro, Dean
Faculty of Humanities, Matsuyama University
4-2 Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken, Japan 790-8578
※ Write on the envelope in red ink: “Full-time, Non-Tenured Teaching Staff Application (Department of English)"
(2) Documents
Submit the following documents:
①Curriculum vitae (download the designated form) with an identification photo and a contact e-mail address.
②Diploma / certificate of graduation from the institution where you obtained your highest degree or, if you are currently enrolled in a doctoral course, a certificate of expected graduation along with a certificate of enrollment.
③A list of educational/academic achievements (download the designated form).
④Published books or three published papers pertinent to your primary area of research or photocopies thereof. To each, a summary of approximately 300 words should be attached, which will be additional to the summaries provided in ③. Further publications may be requested during the selection process.
⑤An essay outlining your thoughts on university-level English language education for Japanese students.
⑥ One reference is required.
※ All documents except for ② must be printed on A4-sized paper.
(3) Application deadline: Applications must be received by November 12th, 2021.

2. Selection process
Short-listed candidates will be sent an invitation to attend an interview. Candidates chosen for an interview will be responsible for their own transportation expenses. Note: There is a possibility that interviews will be conducted via Zoom. This will be confirmed at a later date.

3. Notification of result
① Candidates will be notified by postal mail of the result of their application in December 2021 or soon thereafter. If a candidate resides overseas, notification may be sent via e-mail.
②Submitted documents will be used for the selection process and no other purposes.
③Submitted documents will not be returned, although publications can be returned upon request. In such case, please enclose a prepaid, self-addressed envelope along with other application materials.

8. Contact
TANAKA Terukazu, Office of Academic Affairs, Matsuyama University
Only via e-mail:

Attached documents
Online Submission
Online Submission is Not Available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
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Additional information

(1)Submitted documents will be used for the selection process and no other purposes.
(2)Submitted documents will not be returned, but publications and USB memory sticks will be returned upon request. In this case, please enclose with the submitted documents an envelope with your name and address written on it and the necessary amount of postage stamps attached.
(3)Candidates chosen for an interview will be responsible for their own transportation expenses.

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