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Job offer for Assistant Professor Position, Takebe Laboratory
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
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A multidisciplinary team in the laboratory of Dr. Takanori Takebe is seeking to recruit a highly motivated assistant professor to lead a stem cell and organoid research investigating their potential for understanding human development, evolution and precision. The self-organizing tissue-based approach coupled with pluripotent stem cell technology has just begun as a promising field for designing a miniature organ, namely an organoid, yet the mechanism of driving complex but stereotyped tissue self-organization remains largely unknown. Therefore, Dr Takebe's lab proposes to take a “reverse reductionism approach"for a holistic mechanistic understanding of the dynamic nature of a self-developing system. The Takebe lab ( is part of the new Organ and Tissue Neogenesis Consortium, a research center
belonging to the Institute of Research, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) one of the top medical research institutions in the world. Qualified applicants will have MD and/or PhD with peer review research publications, a demonstrated expertise such incudes cell biology, mathematics, bioinformatics, morphogenesis, genomics, bioengineering, chemistry or biomechanics, and a keen interest to establish anindependent research program in development and stem cell biology.

Position, Affiliation:
Assistant Professor, Division of Advanced Biomedical Engineering Research, Institute of Research, TMDU

Research Field:
Basic and/or applied research with a future link to biomedical applications.

*TMDU supports women scientists conducting research and encourages them to apply for this position.

Research field
All Biology
Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy
All Medicine,dentistry,and pharmacy
Biological Sciences
All Biological Science
Job type
Assistant Professor level
Employment status
Full-time position with a three-year contract, renewable based of evaluation of research activities. Salary will be paid and determined by TMDU salary system
Work location
Kanto district - Tokyo 

1. Those who have (or are scheduled to have) a doctoral degree

2. Those who have a specialist knowledge of stem cell biology and bioinformatics with experience of conducting experiments on cells and animals

3. Those who are willing to work with a sense of responsibility in an enthusiastic and cooperative manner


Working hours, Holidays, insurance and salary:
As prescribed by University regulations.

Application period
2019/05/24 Deadline for receipt
Application documents are not supposed to be returned.
/notification of result
/contact details

1.Application Forms:
(1) Resume (Curriculum Vitae, etc.) (free form)
(2) List of publications (free form)
(3) Reprints of representative publications (up to 3 papers, photocopies acceptable)
(4) Summary of the representative publications (100 words each)
(5) List of research grants and patents (free form)
(6) Summary of previous research contributions and future research and education plans (in 500

2.Number of copies to be submitted
Five copies of the application forms listed in section 1 must be submitted to the address written in section 7.

3.Application Deadline:
Applications should reach the address written in section 10 by May 24, 2019, Japan Standard Time.

4.Selection Procedure:
Selection is made on the basis of application documents and, if necessary, interview with a
presentation/seminar in either English or Japanese. Travel expenses can be defrayed according to the rules and regulation of TMDU.

5.Appointment Date:
Earlier the better after selection

Professor Takanori Takebe
Division of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research,
Institute of Research, TMDU
Email: (change % to @ when emailing)

7.How to Apply:
Send the forms and documents listed in section 1 and section 2 by courier to the address below. Specify the title as “Application for the Assistant Professor position in the Division of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research" All information shall be held in the strictest confidence in accordance with pertinent laws and
rules. Once submitted, documents will not be returned to applicants for any reason. Candidates who live abroad may be able to send the application forms by e-mail.
Ms. Nana Kamimura
Manager of Administration Office
Institute of Research, TMDU
1-5-45 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8510, Japan
Email: (change % to @ when emailing)

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