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Seeking a Research Scientist (R-CCS2108) Computational Disaster Mitigation and Reduction Research Team
RIKEN(The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
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Center for Computational Science
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Computational Disaster Mitigation and Reduction Research Team
RIKEN Center for Computational Science
(Team Leader: Satoru Oishi)

[Research Field]
RIKEN Center for Computational Science (R-CCS), led by Center Director Satoshi Matsuoka, is an international research center in high performance computing and computational science in Japan. Our objectives are to investigate “the Science of (high performance) computing, by computing, and for computing", to research and develop our technologies (R-CCS technology) and software (R-CCS software), which we consider our core competence, in order to produce world-leading scientific and engineering results for use in Japan as well as globally.

Also, R-CCS started operating Japan's national flagship supercomputer Fugaku, as a shared national facility to support a wide range of research activities since 2021.

Computational disaster mitigation and reduction research team is aimed at advancing large-scale numerical simulations of extreme climate phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, heavy rainfall, river disasters and landslides, and their combined disasters targeting Kobe City and other urban areas in Hyogo Prefectures.

Besides the development of a sophisticated urban structure model and the development of new numerical codes, the team seeks to be a bridge between Science and Local Government for disaster mitigation and reduction.

For more information, please refer to the above “Job posting URL".

[Job title and Job descriptions]
Job title:
Research Scientist: 1 position

Job description:
Applicants will be required to engage in the following project, which enable you to take advantage of your previous experience.

・Simulation research on severe weather, earthquake, tsunamis, landslide disaster, river flood disaster using supercomputers.

[Work location]
Branch and address:
RIKEN Center for Computational Science
7-1-26, Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0047, JAPAN

[Start of employment]
April 1, 2022 or later

Automatic Urban Structure Modeling, Liquefaction Simulation, Engineering application of meteorology (communication of forecast, damage estimation, insurance),
Simulation of Hydrology,River Discharge and Sediment Transportation

Research field
Complex systems
Mathematical and physical sciences
Job type
Researcher/Postdoc level
Employment status
Work location
Kinki district - Hyogo 

Applicants must have a Ph.D. and have had it for more than five years prior to the employment date.
The following qualifications are required for the research theme. The applicant who is willing to engage in the job and has the ability to communicate in English will be given priority.

・Person who has achievements in large scale disaster simulation research with supercomputers.


For details about “Salary and benefits", please refer to the above “Job posting URL".

Application period
2022/10/15 Deadline for receipt
Open until the position is filled
/notification of result
/contact details

[Application and required documents]
Required documents:
Please refer to the above "Job posting URL" regarding the "Required documents“

How to apply:
Combine the above documents into a single PDF file and upload them, please refer to the above “Job posting URL".

The file name of the PDF should contain your contact email address.
After you uploaded the PDF file, please let us (kobe-jobs[at] know the file name of the uploaded file. When you send us an email, please write your name, Job Ad number and the name of the position that you apply for.
When submitting the letters of recommendation directly from the referee, the subject should be “Recommendation letter of [your name] for R-CCS Computational Disaster Mitigation and Reduction Research Team". Please specify the applicant's name, referee's name and contact information in the body of the message, and send it to kobe-jobs [at]

If a confirmation email is not received within 7 days after submission, please contact: kobe-jobs [at]

Note: Submitted documents will not be returned.

Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

[Selection process]
Applications will be reviewed upon receipt, and interviews will be conducted for selected applicants (2 interviews for Research Scientist position). No inquiries on the selection process and results will be answered.

[Contact information]
For inquiries on research conducted by the team, please contact the Team Leader by email:
Satoru Oishi
Computational Disaster Mitigation and Reduction Research Team
RIKEN Center for Computational Science
Email: satoru.oishi [at]

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