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Job announcement for a full-time position in "Japanese Culture Studies or Cultural History of Japan " (Associate Professor or Full-time Lecturer)
Hiroshima City University
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Faculty of International Studies
Institution type
Public university
Content of job information

[Explanation of institution (recruitment background, institution details, explanation of project, etc.)]
We seek a faculty member for Japanese Culture Studies or Cultural History of Japan.
The ideal candidate should have a background in Japanese Culture Studies or Cultural History of Japan, and be willing to teach, conduct research, and perform duties for college management. The candidate should also be willing to contribute to the local community and international exchange.

[Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)]
Responsibilities in education, research, and on-campus duties.

<Major Field>
Japanese Culture Studies or Cultural History of Japan

<Teaching responsibilities>
Undergraduate: Cultural History of Japan; Japan Studies; Seminar I, II; Seminar for Graduation Thesis I, II
* Teaching duties in omnibus courses and undergraduate general education courses may be added.
Graduate: Japanese Culture Studies I, II; Japan Studies

[Address of work location and other information]
3-4-1, Ozuka-higashi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima

[Number of positions]
1 Position
Associate Professor or Full-time Lecturer

[Starting date]

Research field
Japanese Culture Studies or Cultural History of Japan
Job type
Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) level
Employment status
Work location
Chugoku district - Hiroshima 

(1) Ph.D. or equivalent academic achievements in a relevant field.
(2) Research publications in the field of Japanese Culture Studies or Cultural History of Japan.
(3) Any nationality is acceptable, but the ability to teach in English and in Japanese is required, and the ability to take part in meetings conducted in Japanese is also required.
(4) The ability to teach Japanese academic writing to foreign + local students is required.
(5) Must reside in or near to Hiroshima City after being employed.
(6) Must come to the university for an interview if s/he is asked to do so. (However, we would consider an interview via Skype if the applicant lives overseas and cannot come to the university.)


Basic terms and conditions are set in accordance with the rules and regulations of Hiroshima City University. The details are as follows:
1. Salary
The starting salary per month is subject to working experience. You may also receive the following allowances: semi-annual bonus, regional allowance, commuting allowance, allowance for dependents, housing allowance, and retirement allowance. (
2. Working hours
A flexitime working system is applied. Basic working hours are 7 hours 45 minutes per day.
3. Holidays
You are entitled to take two days off a week and extra holidays set by the university.
4. Paid holidays, seasonal vacation, and other categories of official leave
a. Twenty paid holidays per year are granted.
b. Other categories of leave may be granted, such as sick leave.

Application period
2017/05/15 -  2017/07/21 Deadline for receipt
/notification of result
/contact details

[Application Materials] (Free Form)
(1) CV (refer to Form I).
(2) List of publications (refer to Form II).
(3) 3 to 5 main publications and corresponding abstracts (either offprints or photocopies are acceptable).
(4) Class syllabi for ①"Cultural History of Japan"(fifteen sessions) and ②"Japan Studies" (fifteen sessions) (① in Japanese, ② in English).
Please refer to our university site at the following URL:
(5) A description of teaching experience and your ideas concerning your teaching in approximately 800 English words or 2000 Japanese characters on A4 paper.
(6) A description of your current research interests in your academic field in approximately 1000 English words or 2000-3000 Japanese characters on A4 paper.
(7) Any other relevant materials you wish to include.

[Address for application]
Administration Office at Hiroshima City University
3-4-1 Ozuka-higashi, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima, Japan
Postal code: 731-3194
Phone: (082)830-1501 Fax: (082)830-1823
*Application materials must be sent by registered mail with "Japanese Culture Studies or Cultural History of Japan" written in red ink on the front of the envelope.
* Application materials are used only for the selection process.
*Application materials will be returned upon request by "pay on delivery".

[Selection process (selection method and hiring decision), notification of result]
After the initial screening based on the application materials, candidates selected as finalists will be invited for an interview. (In the case of applicants from foreign countries, Skype may be used. Applicants cover their transportation costs.)

Applicants will be notified of the results by post.

[Contact details (department,official position, name,e-mail address, and phone number of the responsible person)]*Important
Contact information:
Administration Office at Hiroshima City University
Phone: (082)830-1501 Fax: (082)830-1823
Please write "Faculty of International Studies Job Opening Japanese Culture Studies or Cultural History of Japan" in the subject line of your e-mail.

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