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Project Researcher (Contracted Employee) Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Research Division, Aakash Project
National Institutes for the Humanities, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
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Research Division, Aakash Project (An Interdisciplinary Study toward Clean Air, Public Health and Sustainable Agriculture: The Case of Crop Residue Burning in North India)
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National research institute / Independent administrative institute
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[Job description]
A self-motivated, multi-skilled researcher is sought to join the Aakash Project (An Interdisciplinary Study toward Clean Air, Public Health and Sustainable Agriculture: The Case of Crop Residue Burning in North India) to support ongoing research of the Working Group 2: “Atmospheric Science and Remote Sensing". The researcher will analyze remote sensing data from space and ground-based data to reveal distribution of PM2.5 and other related air pollutants over North India, compare those observed data with model simulations, and evaluate the effects of straw burning in the farming areas on air pollution in surrounding areas.
Additionally, the researcher is expected to assist with the organization of symposia, academic meetings, outreach activities, and general management of the project as a whole.

Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (Address:457-4 Kamigamo-Motoyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto)

[Recruitment (persons) ]
Researcher (Contracted Employee) 1person

[Day of arrival at a new post]
From the earliest possible time after the date of the decision to accept the position

Research field
Mathematical and physical sciences
Earth and planetary science
Environmental science
Environmental analyses and evaluation
リモートセンシング/Remote Sensing
Job type
Researcher/Postdoc level
Employment status
Work location
Kinki district - Kyoto 

1) PhD in atmospheric science or remote sensing. Interest in global environmental studies, sustainable development, and interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers of different academic background.
2) Computer skill that is indispensable for data analysis and/or model simulations.
3) Experience and research record in atmospheric science (model simulations or data analysis) and/or remote sensing.
4) Working visa that allows for full time employment in Japan. All nationalities may apply.
5) Ability to converse, make presentations, write academic papers, and collaborate with overseas colleagues in English is a must.


Contracted Employee :Daily wage 15,170JPY

Based on provisional criteria stipulated by National Institutes for the Humanities: commuting
allowance, rent allowance, overtime pay

[Working Conditions Days, Hours]
Workdays (Monday through Friday)(Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and End of the Year Period off).
A discretionary labor system is applied for working hours, based on the general working hours(8:30 - 17:00 with 45 minute break)

[Period of Employment]
To begin work as soon as possible in 2021.
However, if the candidate lives overseas and cannot come to Japan immediately due to travel restrictions, the appointment may be postponed.
(Contract renewable annually for up to four years in total until March 31st, 2025)

Application period
2021/07/12 Deadline for receipt
July 12th, 2021 (Monday), 5p.m. JST
/notification of result
/contact details

[Application process Required documents]
1) Curriculum vitae (style discretionary, with photo attached)
2) List of research achievements and academic publications (Please include all the names of authors on co- authored works, style discretionary.)
3) Contents and achievements of your major research projects
(summarize within a single page of A4 size paper, style discretionary)
4) Statement on your job aspirations. Please include evidences showing that you satisfy our requirements mentioned above (single A4 size page, style discretionary, in English or Japanese)
5) Names and contact information of two referees (include phone, fax and e-mail address)
6) Samples of research publications and/or manuscripts (please include up to three major achievements. Copies are acceptable)

※All application documents listed above should be submitted on A-4 size paper, portrait position.
Please print your name on the first page of each individual document.
Note: Application documents will not be returned, except samples of research publications, if specifically requested. Indicate your request on the bottom of the List of Research Achievements and Academic Publications.

[Apply to]
457-4 Kamigamo-Motoyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 603-8047 JAPAN
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Aakash Project, Room 2
(Project Leader: Sachiko Hayashida)
TEL: 075-707-2277
E-mail: sachikoh[at] ※replace [at] with @

※ Apply electronically by email.
Please also send documents by mail to avoid the problem of not receiving the mail; please address correspondence with "Researcher Aakash Project" (You may send your application after the deadline. if you apply electronically in time.)

Attached documents
Online Submission
Online Submission is Not Available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
Not available
Email Application
Not available
Recruiting Institution's
Web application system
Not available
Additional considerations when applying
■Applying from Long-Distance Areas or Overseas

Online interviews are possible if you are far away.

Additional information

RIHN guarantees equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of nationalities and gender orientations.
RIHN promotes gender equality. We look forward to receiving a number of applications from female candidates.
RIHN seeks to prevent passive smoking by prohibiting smoking in all our facilities except in designated areas.

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