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One full-time tenured position at the Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Doshisha University, Kyoto Japan
Doshisha University
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Faculty of Global and Regional Studies
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Private university
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◆Fulltime, tenured Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor
◆Tenured, irrespective of the rank at the time of hiring
◆Area of Specialization: Humanities or Social Sciences
◆Starting from April, 2022

[Departmental Affiliations]
European Studies Course, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies
English Division, Department of General Education

[Job description]
1.Teaching courses in the humanities and social sciences relating to the English-speaking countries of Europe, mainly Britain and/or Ireland for students of the Faculty of Global and Regional Studies.
2.Teaching university-wide English language and culture courses offered to all Doshisha students, irrespective of faculty. These courses are offered as part of the General Education Program of Doshisha University.
3.Fulfilling administrative duties at both the faculty and the university level.
Specific tasks include:
◆Curriculum development
◆Entrance examination creation
◆Language counselling
◆Study-abroad programme supervision
◆Liaising with part-time native speaker English language instructors in the General Education Programme Serving on faculty- and university-wide committees

Research field
All Humanities
Social sciences
All Social science
Job type
Assistant Professor level
Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) level
Professor level
Employment status
Work location
Kinki district - Kyoto 

PhD degree or equivalent in the areas of either the humanities or social sciences
◆Language requirements:
Proficiency in both Japanese and English sufficient to perform administrative tasks both at the faculty and university-wide level.


Salary, research funds, working hours and holidays are clearly stated in the Doshisha University Regulations.
The teaching load is comprised of a minimum of 13 classes per year, with the possibility of being requested to teach more classes (remunerated).
The mandatory retirement age is 65.
Benefits include health insurance (administered by the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan), pension, and employment insurance.

Application period
2021/07/01 Deadline for receipt
No later than 17:00 (JST), Thursday, 1 July 2021
/notification of result
/contact details

[Application Items Required]
1.Complete CV in Doshisha format
2.Three academic publications in Japanese or English (PhD thesis could be included). Each should be accompanied by an 800-character summary in Japanese.
3.3000-character cover letter in Japanese
4.A sample syllabus for a course on the history, culture, and society of Europe which is meant to be taken by all first year students of European Studies Course, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies
5.Copy of the degree certificate.

All items should be sent as PDF files to the faculty office as email attachments.

No later than 17:00 (JST), Thursday, 1 July 2021

[Screening process]
Candidates passing the initial screening process will be asked to submit their remaining publications. Candidates making it to the final stage will be called for an interview either at the end of August or the beginning of September. The interview can be online depending on the circumstances.

[contact information]
Faculty of Global and Regional Studies,
Doshisha University

Online Submission
Online Submission with all application documents is available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
Not available
Email Application
Recruiting Institution's
Web application system
Not available
Additional information

Application materials will be retained by the Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, and safely disposed of after the completion of the selection process. Personal information will not be used for any other purpose, in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Law of Japan.

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