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Research Scientists and/or Postdoctoral Researchers Position(W21039)(Laboratory for Imagination and Executive Functions)
RIKEN(The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Center for Brain Science
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National research institute / Independent administrative institute
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Laboratory for Imagination and Executive Functions, Center for Brain Science (Team Leader: Kentaro Miyamoto)

Due to start July 1st, 2021.

[Research Area]
Mathematical Science, Computer Science, Biology, Medical Science, Interdisciplinary

Neuroscience, Psychology, Neural circuit, Behaviour, Learning, Decision making, Metacognition, Consciousness, Awareness, Brain function,Human,Macaque,MRI,Electrophysiology,Neuroimaging,Anatomy,Optogenetics

[Research Field]
In our daily life, we repeat decision making for future actions under continuously changing environments and human relationships. For a better decision making, conscious evaluation of one's own thought (metacognition) and understanding of others' will (sympathy) are essential. Our team aims to reveal how our "self-awareness" and "imagination for others" are generated by studying behaviours and brain mechanisms of primates including humans. We use (meta-)cognitive tasks and functional MRI for both humans and macaque monkeys. We will also apply transcranial ultrasound stimulation (TUS), electrophysiological recording and optogenetics to macaque monkeys.

[Job Title and Job Description]
Job Title:
Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher, 3 position

Research Scientist
Carries out research and other work in accordance with team research themes. Basically defined as those with a doctoral degree more than 5 years.

Postdoctoral Researcher
Carries out research and other work in accordance with team research themes under the direction of supervisors. Basically defined as those with a doctoral degree of 5 years or less.

Job Description:
Our team is launched in July 2021. Candidate will join in either project of the three below:

1) Design of behavioural task paradigm to test metacognition and social cognition of healthy human participants and macaque monkeys. Performance of functional neuroimaging experiment in a 3T MRI scanner, brain stimulation experiments by TMS and TUS, and data analyses. (see also Miyamoto et al., 2021, Neuron, 109(8), pp.1396-1408.e7)

2) Development of experimental setup for functional and anatomical neuroimaging for awake and anaesthetised monkeys by 3T and 7T MRI. Comparisons of neural networks for 'sympathy' and 'metacognition' between humans and macaque monkeys (see also Miyamoto et al., 2013 Neuron, 77(4), pp.787-799)

3) Development of experimental setup for electrophysiology, neuropharmacology, and optogenetics. Performance of behavioural neurophysiological experiments and data analyses on metacognition, social cognition, novelty judgement and self-awareness (see also Miyamoto et al., 2017, Science, 355(6321), pp.188-193; Miyamoto et al., 2018, Neuron, 97(4), pp.980-989.e6)

[Work Location]
Branch and address:
RIKEN Wako (2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198)

[Start of Employment]
Earliest after 1 July, 2021 [negotiable]

Research field
Computer Science
All Biology
Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy
Medical Science
Job type
Researcher/Postdoc level
Employment status
Work location
Kanto district - Saitama 

The candidates should have a Ph.D. or expect to receive a Ph.D. before the date of employment in a relevant field (psychology, physiology, cognitive neuroscience and etc.). The candidates are expected to communicate proactively with team members and should be highly motivated to commit to ambitious research projects. Experiences of behavioural and/or neurophysiological experiments with humans or animals (especially macaques) are welcomed.


For details about "Salary and benefits", please refer to the above "Job posting URL.

Application period
2022/05/13 Deadline for receipt
Open until the position is filled
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/contact details

[Application and Required Documents]
Required documents:
Please refer to the above "Job posting URL" regarding the "Required documents".

Open until the position is filled

[Selection Process]
Selection will be made based on application screening and online interviews.

[Contact Information/Send Application to]
RIKEN Center for Brain Science
Laboratory for Imagination and executive functions
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198
Email: miyamotolab-jobs [at] (Replace [at] with @ )
For inquiries, please send an email.

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