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Public offering of Contracted language instructor (Research field:Applied Linguistics or TESOL)
Toyo University
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Akabanedai Administration Office
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Private university
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1.Department: Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design (INIAD)

2.Number of positions: 2

3.Research field: Applied Linguistics or TESOL

4.Subjects to teach: Listening and Speaking Exercise, Reading and Writing Exercise

5.Job details: Teaching (courses offered in the faculty, curriculum and teaching material development, office hours, student guidance, etc.), admissions related duties, etc.
* One course consists of basically 15 lessons (1 lesson = 90-minute) plus one exam day

6.Main location: Akabanedai Campus (Akabanedai 1-7-11, Kita Ward, Tokyo)

7.Starting date: September 1, 2021 or April 1, 2022

8.One-year contract renewable up to four years in principle, with a possible additional four-year extension when the university considers it necessary under particular circumstances.

9.Age of retirement: 65 years old

Research field
Job type
Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) level
Employment status
One-year contract renewable up to four years in principle.
Work location
Kanto district - Tokyo 

1) Understanding and agreement on the policy of the faculty (INIAD) and willingness to actively participate in our educational activities.

2) Master's degree in Applied Linguistics, TESOL or a related field

3) English teaching experience at university levels or equivalent practical achievements

4) A practical knowledge and daily conversation skills in Japanese

5) Ability to conduct classes in English and to teach from a global perspective


1.Title of position: Contracted language instructor (English)

2.Compensation: Based on Toyo University's rules and regulations
Salary: 6 million yen/year (including tax) *No salary increase, bonus, or retirement allowance

3.Duties: 10 commas per week (1 comma = 90 min), four days a week teaching load

4.Holiday: Sundays, public holidays, and days designated by the university. However, on holidays, classes will be held on the day of work.

5.Insurance: Health insurance, welfare pension, long-term care insurance

Application period
2021/06/25 Deadline for receipt
The web application must be complete, and all materials must arrive no later than this date
/notification of result
/contact details

1.Application method: Please apply from the recruitment page on our website(

2.Selection process:
First round: Screening of documents and research achievements
Second round: Sample lesson and interviews (conducted in English and Japanese)
Third round: Interview with the board members

*Details of the second and third rounds of the selection process will be announced to the eligible applicants
*Applicants are responsible for their own transportation and other expenses related to the selection process

3.Required documents
1)CV (web application) : Visit the recruitment information page on the university website to register
2)Research achievements (web application): Enter your publications, books, conference presentations, and other activities
*If there is anything noteworthy that does not fit into the format, prepare your own format (A4 size).
3) Major research achievements (A4 size) :Select up to three major achievements from the research achievements listed in ② above, and submit a 200-word summary of each.
4) Educational achievements and aspirations (designated form): The format can be download from the Employment Information page of the university's website. Summarize your aspirations for education at this university and faculty in about 1,000 words.
5) Application form (designated form): The format can be download from the Recruitment Information page of the university's website. Enter the desired date of appointment and the contact information of two recommenders

*You may be asked to submit a copy of your research achievements
*Application materials cannot be returned. The personal information will be used for personnel management only and will not be used for any other purpose. The University is responsible for disposing of all the documents submitted by the unsuccessful applicants.

4.Application procedure
1)Submit your CV and research achievements online (web application using university website)
2)After completing your web application, send the digital data of all other application materials by email
Title: 「INIAD【 Contracted language instructor 】Submission of application documents(your name)」.
Send to:

*Please be reminded that the application process will be completed when you have completed the online registration and your email including all the required data is received by the university. If either of the two is missing, the application will be invalid.

5.Contact: Akabanedai Administration Office, Toyo University )

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Online Submission with all application documents is available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
Not available
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