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Recruitment of an Assistant Professor (Aquatic Field Science)
Kyushu University
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Faculty of Agriculture
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National university
Content of job information

[Description of the institution (year of establishment, capital amount, number of employees, etc.), details of the business, recruitment background information, project description, etc.]
Kyushu University is seeking an experienced individual with expertise in teaching and research for appointment as a tenured Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Aquatic Field Science, Division of Animal and Marine Biosciences, Department of Bioresource Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture

[Job description (work / duties after recruitment, subject responsible for, etc.)]
Educational Duties:
The successful candidate will be expected to teach the following subjects and supervise research activities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Japanese, with some of the teaching and supervision done in English. Most of the courses are given by multiple professors.
1) Master's Course
Lecture of Animal and Aquatic Resource Conservation, Advanced Lecture on Aquatic Bioresource and Environment, Project Research in Animal and Marine Biosciences, and other subjects
2) Undergraduate School
Practice on Basic Biology, Science of Aquatic Biodiversity, Introduction to Marine Invertebrates, Animal Behavioral Ecology I, Introduction of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Science, and other subjects
1) Study on evaluation of structure and function of estuarine ecosystem using macrobenthos and development of its long-term monitoring technology.
2) Interdisciplinary study for conservation and restoration of ecosystem in salt marsh and tidal flat and verification of its effect.
3) Education and research on macrobenthos ecology and their conservation.

You should manage the facilities of the Fishery Research Laboratory.

[Address of work location and other information]
Fishery Research Laboratory, Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Kyushu University (Tsuyazaki 4-46-24, Fukutsu city, Fukuoka)

[Available positions (job title, number of positions, etc.)]
Assistant Professor: 1

[Starting date, employment date, etc.]
The successful candidate will take up the post as soon as possible after the endorsement of the appointment at the faculty meeting of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University.

Research field
Agricultural sciences
Applied aquatic science
Biological Sciences
Conservation of biological resources
Job type
Assistant Professor level
Employment status
Work location
Kyushu and Okinawa district - Fukuoka 

(1) Ph.D. degree.
(2) An outstanding research record in the above-mentioned scientific fields 1)-3).
(3) Able to work with enthusiasm for student education and research guidance as undergraduate and graduate school teachers.
1) Study on evaluation of structure and function of estuarine ecosystem using macrobenthos and development of its long-term monitoring technology.
2) Interdisciplinary study for conservation and restoration of ecosystem in salt marsh and tidal flat and verification of its effect.
3) Education and research on macrobenthos ecology and their conservation.


1) Employment Duration:
Full-time, with a mandatory retirement age of 65.

2) Salary and Benefits
Appointment level to be commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Annual Salary and benefits are specified in the Kyushu University regulations. For further information, visit the following page (in Japanese):

* Appointment at the level of Assistant Professor may also be made as a fixed term contract of 5 years. This is subject to a maximum period of employment of 10 years total in any position at Kyushu University. A specific Annual salary scheme applies to fixed term contract appointments. For details please visit the following pages (in Japanese):

3) Probationary period
A three-month probationary period.

4) Working hours, Break time, Overtime
Based on Discretionary Labor System for professional work.

5) Days off
Every Saturday and Sunday, national holidays, and New Year's holidays from December 29– January 3 in addition to an annual leave entitlement.

6) Social Insurance
Employee shall enroll in:
Employment insurance, Compensation Insurance, Health Insurance, Employees' pension insurance.

*The campus is completely non-smoking

Application period
2021/10/25 Deadline for receipt
Link requests for applications should be sent by email until 5:00 pm on October 21 (, and submissions should be uploaded by 5:00 pm on October 25
/notification of result
/contact details

(1) Curriculum vitae
(2) List of research achievements
I. Original papers: name of authors, title, journal name, volume, issue, pages or DOI, published year
(applicant name should be underlined, and indicated by (*) just in case of a corresponding author)
It is required to show impact factor and number of citation (database) in each paper.
It is required to indicate whether each paper corresponds to (1), (2), or (3) of the scientific field described above. (No required classification if not applicable).
(i) Peer-reviewed papers
(ii) Non-peer-reviewed papers
(iii) Others
II. Books: name of authors, title, name of publisher, pages, published year
III. Review papers and others (It is required to write in the same way as “I. Original paper")
IV. Patents
V. Academic awards
VI. Invited lectures in international and domestic conferences
VII. List of public and private research grants awarded
(Name of research grant, title, period, total amount of funding, indication of representative or not)
VIII. Educational experiences
IX. Philanthropic activity
X. Others
(3) Reprints or photocopies of your five most important publications
(4) Summary of your research activities and future research plans (less than 1000 words)
(5) Summary of your educational experience and aspirations for education in the future (less than 1000 words)
If you do not have the experience, please describe only the aspirations.
(6) Either two recommendation letters with the referee's name, position, affiliation, and contact information (Please sent directly from the referee to e-mail,, or a letter of self-recommendation, stating your suitability for the post, together with the name, position, affiliation, and contact information (mailing address and e-mail address) of two referees for your research activities and educational experience (Please submit it with other documents).

Note: The electric files of (1), (2), (4), and (5) in Word and PDF format, and (3) and (6. Self-recommendation) in PDF format should be uploaded to a Proself file sharing system of Kyushu University (see Section 10 below)

Short-listed candidates may be invited for an interview held at Ito Campus or via a remote conference system. We do not support any expenses incurred, such as for travel or accommodation, to participate in the interview.

Onikura Norio (Professor)
Fieshery Research Laboratory, Kyushu University

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