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An assistant professor position in Department of Vascular Molecular Physiology
Kanazawa University
URL of institution or department
Department of Vascular Molecular Physiology, Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Institution type
National university
Content of job information

[Description of the institution (year of establishment, capital amount, number of employees, etc.), details of the business, recruitment background information, project description, etc.]

[Job description (work / duties after recruitment, subject responsible for, etc.)]
Education and research in the fields of physiology, molecular biology, vascular biology, oncology, and stem cell biology in close coordination with the Department of Vascular Molecular Physiology (The Naito lab).
Education responsibility: Lectures, practical training and research supervision related to the above fields at the following organizations.
-Common and specialized education in the bachelor course of School of Medicine.
-Specialized education in the master and doctoral courses of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, and the doctoral course of Graduate School of Advanced Preventive Medical Sciences.
(It might be requested to teach classes in English in the future.)
Research responsibility: Research will be performed in the Department of Vascular Molecular Physiology (The Naito lab). The Naito lab mainly focus on the vascular system, especially organ-specific function and homeostasis of blood vessels, endothelial cell heterogeneity, and physiological and pathological angiogenesis.

[Address of work location and other information]
13-1 Takara-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-8640, Japan

[Available positions (job title, number of positions, etc.)]
A full-time assistant professor, non-tenured
(5 years term, reappointment possible upon evaluation).

[Starting date, employment date, etc.]
As early as possible after April 1st, 2022.

Research field
Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy
Basic medicine
Job type
Assistant Professor level
Employment status
non-tenured (5 years term, reappointment possible upon evaluation).【If you are currently working at our university and work continuously, the total term of office, from the current term to the next term, cannot exceed 10 years.】
Work location
Hokuriku and Koshinetsu district - Ishikawa 

[Public qualifications needed in specific field(s), conditions (education, degree, etc.), experience (how many years) and expertise required for specific field(s)]

Eligibility Requirements
The applicant should have a doctor degree in a field of science related to this posting (or expected graduation date).
The applicant should have strong enthusiasm for education and research.
The applicant should have outstanding research achievements in molecular biology and immunology.
The applicant should have excellent communication skills in English and Japanese.


[Treatment after recruitment (job title, salary, working hours, employment type, employment period / trial period)] * Important

Working condition and treatment
Please see the URL below for the detailed work regulations, etc. http://www.kanazawa-
The new annual salary system will be applied based on the direction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, JAPAN.

Employment status
A full-time assistant professor, non-tenured (5 years term, reappointment possible upon evaluation).【If you are currently working at our university and work continuously, the total term of office, from the current term to the next term, cannot exceed 10 years.】

Reappointment evaluation items
1.Educational activities such as lectures, practical training and research supervision.
2.Research activities such as scientific paper publications, conference presentations, research fund acquisition, etc.
3.Contribution to Kanazawa University and the scientific community.

[The measures against second-hand smoking in your workplace.] * Important
No smoking in the facility

Application period
2021/12/20 Deadline for receipt
/notification of result
/contact details

[Application documents, application (submission) method (Mail, attachment to e-mail, details on using the web application, etc.), destination (address, e-mail address, web application URL, etc.)]

[Required Documents]
1.Recommendation letter(s)
Not necessarily required. If the applicant does not submit recommendation letters, provide the names, affiliations, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of at least two referees.
2.Curriculum vitae (Form 1)
3.List of publications, research grants and activities (Form 2)
4.Printed 5 most important papers (7 copies for each)
5.Description of the applicant's main achievements and aspirations for research and education (free style, within 2 pages of A4 paper).

*The above documents will not be returned even after selection.

[Mailing address]
c/o Chair, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University
13-1 Takara-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-8640, Japan
Document should be confidential and sent by registered mail and write in red on the cover sheet "Application for an assistant professor position at Department of Molecular Genetics."

[Selection details (interview / selection location, selection method, notification of result, etc.)]

Document review and interview

[Result notification method, whether application documents can be returned or not, etc.]

・Written notice or email
・The above documents will not be returned even after selection.

[Contact information (department, official position, name, institution e-mail address and phone number of the responsible person)] * Important

Contact persons for inquiries
For administrative inquiries
c/o Norihiko Muroki, Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Section, General Affairs Division, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Administration Department, Kanazawa University
TEL +81-76-265-2112, FAX +81-76-234-4202

For job description
c/o Prof. Hisamichi NAITO
TEL +81-76-265-2165 e-mail:

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Online Submission is Not Available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
Not available
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Not available
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Not available
Additional information

1.Kanazawa University is working to improve faculty members' teaching skills in English and strengthen English education on the premise of increasing the number of subjects offered in English.
2.Kanazawa University promotes the gender equality and actively recruits female faculty members. For more details, please see the URL below. We are looking forward to receiving applications from many female researchers.
3.During the selection process, we may ask the applicant to come to our university and ask for a lecture (Travel expenses are not provided).

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