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Guidelines for Applicants for Full-time Teachers(Professor, associate professor or instructor) Psychology Subject
URL of institution or department
Department of Social System Design / Social System Design Course
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Public university
Content of job information

Eikei University is recruiting full-time faculty members as follows. For the outline of Eikei University, please refer to the website.

・Job Title and Number of Position Available
⇒Professor, associate professor or instructor; about 1 position
・Subject Areas for Public Invitation
⇒Psychology Subject

○ Class subjects to teach
<Main Subject>
・Introduction to Psychology
・Introduction to Cognitive Science
・Introduction to Social Psychology
< Common Subjects for All Faculty>
・Project Based Learning Subjects (Introduction to Project Based Learning, Project Based Learning Exercise ⅠA・ⅠB, Project Based Learning ExerciseⅡ, Degree Project)
・Experiential / Practical Program Subjects (Domestic Volunteer Program, Domestic Internship Program A・B, Volunteer Abroad Program, Internship Abroad Program, Short-term Study Abroad Program)
○ Internal affairs duties (including duties related to teaching affairs, entrance exam affairs, student recruitment and job assistance)
○ Duties for regional and industry-university cooperation programs (including various courses provided through cooperation with external entities and public lectures)

【Place of Work (Eikei Univerisity of Hiroshima)】
1-5, Nobori-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 730-0016, Japan

【Scheduled Date of Employment】
As soon as possible after July 2022
※However, you are expected to take up your position by October.
※The results of the teacher qualification examination by the Council for University
Chartering and School Corporation of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will be announced in June 2022. The estimated date of appointment is in July 2022 or later.

Research field
Social sciences
Job type
Professor level
Associate Professor/Lecturer (full-time) level
Employment status
(Fixed-term system is possible upon request).
Work location
Chugoku district - Hiroshima 

【Eligibility for Application】
An applicant must satisfy all the qualifications and requirements stated below:
(1) Professor: A person who has a doctor's degree or research achievement equivalent thereto;
Associate professor: A person who has a master's degree or research achievement equivalent thereto; or
Instructor: A person who has a master's degree or research achievement equivalent thereto;
(2) A person who is able to promote educational and research activities based on the educational philosophy of the University;
(3) A person who has the ability to conduct classes in English, and preferably in Japanese as well;
(4) An applicant who has the skills to conduct classes interactively through use of active learning techniques (e.g. Project Based Learning and groupwork method);
(5) A person who is capable of implementing educational programs in cooperation with various entities, including companies, international organizations, overseas universities, NPOs and municipalities in and outside Japan;
(6) A person who is capable of developing classes in cooperation with teachers in other subject areas and practical teachers from outside the University;
(7) A person who is able to actively address self-development, improvement of lessons, lessons open to the public, overall improvement of curriculum and so on based on the basic policy for FD (Faculty Development); and
(8) A person who does not fall under any of the conditions for disqualification prescribed in Article 9 of the School Education Act.


It shall conform to the employment rules and regulations of public university corporation,Eikei University of Hiroshima.
※Annual salary system may possibly be apply.

①Salary will be determined according to personal history(academic background and work experience,etc.)
②Bonus worth 4.45 months'salary will be provided annually(as of 2020 fiscal year record)
③Others(Regional/urban allowance,family allowance,commuting allowance and housing allowance)will be provided when it meets the requirement.

2)Working hours etc.
①There will be 5 working days per week(7 hours and 45 minutes of working hours per day)
②Holidays will be Saturdays,Sundays,year-end and New Year holidays(December 29th-January 3rd)
③20 paid holidays and special leave(marriage,childbirth,bereavement etc.)per year will be granted

3)You will be subscribed of Mutual Aid Association for Public Schools and Hiroshima Prefectural Faculty Members Association.

Application period
2021/10/21 -  2021/12/20 Deadline for receipt
/notification of result
/contact details

【Documents to Be Submitted】
(1) Application sheet (Form No. 1): one copy
(2) Resume (Form No. 2): one copy
(3) Educational and research achievement document (Form No. 3): one copy
(4) Books or major papers (separate prints or copies are acceptable): up to five books/papers
* Circle the corresponding numbers in the educational and research achievement document of (3).
(5) Document stating your goals towards education and research at the University (in any format on not more than one A4 sheet): one copy
(6) Written plan for Project Based Learning (in any format on approximately one A4 sheet): one copy
(7) Status of acquisition of research funds (from external sources) (Form No. 4): one copy
* Write in order of acquisition, specifying the name of the representative and allocation of the funds. (Not required if you have never received research funds)
(8) Either of the following:
(i) Names and contact information of two people from whom we can seek opinions on you, the applicant (shall be mentioned in the application sheet)
(ii) Recommendation letter (specifying the affiliation/title of the recommender; in any format): two copies
* These people or recommender are not necessarily to be relevant to an applicant's academic expertise.
● Prepare documents (2) and (3) above according to the Appendix “Notes on Preparation of Application Documents."
● Additional documents may be required as necessary.
● Specified forms can be downloaded from the website of Eikei University of Hiroshima (

【Mailing Address for Applications】
Eikei University Academic Planning Division
1-5, Nobori-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 730-0016, Japan
* Please write “Application Documents for Faculty Member at New University Enclosed(Psychology)" in red on the envelope, and send the documents via recorded delivery or international courier service.

【Screening Method】
(1) Document examination and an interview will be conducted in accordance with the teacher selection criteria of the University.
(2) Each applicant subject to an interview will be separately notified the date of his/her interview.
(3) In conjunction with the interview, each applicant will be requested to deliver a simulated lecture (along with the syllabus) of the class subject to be taught by the applicant and a presentation of his/her goals towards education and research at the University, and to answer questions at the end. A second-round interview will be held as necessary.
(4) The interview may be conducted online.
(5) The cost incurred for the interview (including the second-round interview) will not be refunded.

(For inquiries, please contact us by E-mail.)

Attached documents
Online Submission
Online Submission is Not Available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
Not available
Email Application
Not available
Recruiting Institution's
Web application system
Not available
Additional information

Points to Be Kept in Mind
(1) If you are selected as a candidate for a full-time teacher, you need to take the teacher qualification examination conducted by the Council for University Chartering and School Juridical Person in march 2022. Please note that you will be requested to cooperate in preparing documents for application for approval of yourself.
(2) You will not be hired if you are assessed in the examination by the Council to be inadequate for the teacher qualification, the job title or the class subject to be taught by you.
(3) Application documents will not, in principle, be returned.
(4) Your personal information disclosed in your application documents will not be used for any purpose other than for the screening process.
(5) If you are selected as a candidate, you will be requested to submit a document certifying your academic degree or, if you have any other type of academic record, a document certifying your graduation from (or completion of course at) the final academic institution.

*Successful applicants will, in principle, be hired on the tenure track system (Fixed-term system is possible upon request).
<Tenure track system>
If a teacher passes the examination conducted in his/her third year, he/she will shift to the retirement age system in his/her fourth year. If a teacher does not pass the examination in his/her third year, he/she may take the re-examination in his/her fourth year. If the teacher passes the re-examination, he/she will shift to the retirement age system in that year.
A person who is determined to be qualified as a professor through the teacher qualification examination conducted by the Council for University Chartering and School Juridical Person of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, & Technology will be hired under the retirement age system from the start.
<Fixed term system>
Under the fixed term system, a person is hired for a fixed term of employment (for three years, in principle), and his/her employment will be terminated upon the expiration of the term of employment.
The term of employment of a teacher may be renewed if he/she so wishes and his/her educational and research achievement is recognized to be outstanding.
The total years of the term is up to a maximum of ten (10) years.

*The actual results of terminal diligence allowance are from the Prefectural University of Hiroshima, which is the same university corporation.