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Application engineer / Embedded Linux
PicoCELA Inc.
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Private corporation
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[Description of the institution (year of establishment, capital amount, number of employees, etc.), details of the business, recruitment background information, project description, etc.]

PicoCELA was born as a Kyushu University venture and has cultivated stable wireless mesh technology that serves the enterprise market for 15 years. The PicoCELA Backhaul Engine (PBE), backed by dozens of inventions, has a unique dynamic tree routing technology at its core, and is capable of stable mesh routing even in large mesh structures with mesh cluster sizes of more than 10. The system provides stable backhaul communication.

Wide-area Wi-Fi networks formed by PBE have been installed in an estimated 1,000 locations in Japan. In most of these installations, the amount of LAN cable wiring has been reduced by more than 70%. For example, in an underground shopping mall in Fukuoka City, 27 PicoCELA devices cover a continuous free Wi-Fi space of 1.2 km in total length, using only 4 LAN cables. The wireless mesh system has been in operation for more than 10 years and is one of the largest free Wi-Fi systems in Japan, with more than 1.8 million users per year. The first is a "one-stop shop" for the entire city of New York. In addition, the technology for building highly mobile and stable wireless networks has been highly evaluated and is widely used as the No. 1 Wi-Fi solution in the building and civil engineering market.

PicoCELA's advanced wireless technology and phenomenal growth have been highly acclaimed in many fields. Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism operates NETIS (New Technology Information System) as a core system to promote the use of new technologies in public works projects, etc. PicoCELA was the first wireless mesh device to be registered as a recommended product. In 2019, PicoCELA was selected as one of the NEXT Unicorn 100 by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and in 2021, PicoCELA was selected as one of the The company was selected by the Financial Times as one of the High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021. The company's commitment to intellectual property has also been recognized, and in 2019, the Japan Patent Attorneys Association honored the company as the first recipient of the Intellectual Property Utilization Incentive Award.

Although we have been developing our business mainly in Japan, we are now aiming to expand into the global market, expanding our product lineup, diversifying our solutions, and strengthening our organizational structure.

[Job description (work / duties after recruitment, subject responsible for, etc.)]

■About the job
The PCWL series are built as an edge computing platform which supports various edge applications.
In this role, you will design and implement new services on the collaborative system with PCWL edge computers through the API development.
・Development of network services on embedded Linux
・Construction and maintenance of collaborative API
・Network automation
・Distributed application development
・Improvement of operational stability

[Address of work location and other information]

Offices are located in Tokyo (SANOS Nihonbashi 4F, 2-34-5 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and Fukuoka (Vento Muromi A-2, 1-20-22 Muromi, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka), but remote work is possible for those who live far away. Please consult with us at the time of interview.

[Available positions (job title, number of positions, etc.)]

1 person

[Starting date, employment date, etc.]


Research field
Electrical and electronic engineering
Principles of Informatics
Computing Technologies
Job type
Employment status
Work location
Kanto district - Tokyo 
Kyushu and Okinawa district - Fukuoka 
Others - Outside of Japan/ Work at home etc. 

■ Minimum qualifications:
Languages: C, Python, SQL
Experience in server-side or distributed application development
Experience in design and implementation of REST or gRPC APIs
Interested in embedded Linux systems
Read English documents smoothly

■ Preferred qualifications:
Experience of programming for Wi-Fi functions (hostapd, wpa_supplicant)
Experience about management of OpenVPN and certificates
Real-time communication such as WebSockets
M2M communication using MQTT
Experience of leading project
Read and speak English fluently

■Current development environment
Target Environment
System: ARM SoC
OS: Embedded Linux (OpenWRT)
Development environment
OS: Ubuntu (build system)
Languages: C, Make, shell script, some scripting languages (Python, TypeScript)
Code Management: git
Google Workspace, Confluence, etc.


[Post-employment benefits (job title, salary (wage), hours of work, employment status, employment period/trial period)] *Important

Full-time employment
Trial period available (3 months)
Conditions of employment are the same as those of the main employment.

Flextime system with core hours of 10:00~16:00

4,000,000 to 16,000,000 yen per year
333,400 to 1,333,400 yen per month
Including fixed overtime allowance of 45 hours per month *Additional payment for overtime

All transportation expenses paid

Various types of social insurance

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays off

13 days of paid vacation are granted after one month of employment.

[Efforts to prevent passive smoking in workplaces] *Important

No smoking in the building

Application period
2022/10/03 -  2022/12/31 Deadline for receipt
Applications will be closed as soon as a suitable candidate is hired.
/notification of result
/contact details

[Application documents, method of application (submission) (mail, email attachment, details of using web application, etc.), mailing address (address, email address, web application URL, etc.)]

Applications will be accepted via e-mail or web application.
Please apply with your resume and work history.

E-mail address for application acceptance ▼

[Details of selection (location of interview/selection, method of selection, decision on acceptance or rejection, etc.)]

Basically, it will be conducted via Googlemeet.
The final interview will be conducted in person.
Please consult with us if you live far away.

[How to be notified of results, whether or not application materials will be returned, etc.

We will contact you by e-mail.
In case of rejection, we will destroy the application documents at our own risk.

[Contact person for inquiries (affiliation, title, name, e-mail address and phone number of the person in charge)] *Important

Business Administration Division Misa Tomoda

Online Submission
Online Submission with all application documents is available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
Email Application
Recruiting Institution's
Web application system
Additional considerations when applying
■Applying from Long-Distance Areas or Overseas

Online interview available

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