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Global Education Center, Waseda University Faculty Recruitment Information for Assistant Professor (Non-tenured) (Academic English Writing)
Waseda University
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The Global Education Center
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Private university
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The Global Education Center (GEC*) of Waseda University, a long-established private university located in central Tokyo, Japan invites applications for a full-time, non-tenured position in Academic English Writing. The successful applicant is expected to teach in the Academic Writing and Discussion in English (AWADE) program to both Japanese and international students in social sciences. The successful applicant is also expected to create teaching materials for this program. We particularly welcome applications by those who are enthusiastic about the teaching of English for academic purposes.
*GEC enables integrated learning by providing courses that complement the curriculum in students' undergraduate faculties (major fields). These courses cover diverse areas of study and incorporate a range of learning styles.

1.Title: Assistant Professor (non-tenured)

2.Job Location: In principle, work shall be performed at Waseda Campus and places approved by the university other than Waseda Campus.
Note: In order to prevent passive smoking, smoking is not allowed on all campuses except in designated areas.

3.Number of faculty to be hired: 1 person

4.Starting Date: April 1, 2023 or September 1, 2023

5.Period for tenure track: September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2025 or April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2026
Note: At the end of this two-year period, the Assistant Professor may be reappointed for a one-year extension based on performance and curricular need. The reappointment can be repeated three times (making a total of 5 years of employment in this position).

Note: If an employment contract with Waseda university has existed at any time since April 1, 2013, regardless of job title, the contract period and the possibility of reappointment itself may differ from the above description. It is not possible to continue being employed after reaching 70 years of age.

Research field
Social sciences
Job type
Assistant Professor level
Employment status
Work location
Kanto district - Tokyo 

1. Qualifications
(a) Hold a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) or equivalent professional accomplishment in applied linguistics, education, or a related field
(b) Have an overall English ability sufficient to carry out the tasks listed in the job description.
(c) Have previous experience teaching Academic Writing in English at the university level.
(d) Have previous experience creating teaching materials for Academic Writing in English at the university level.


1. Job description
Please refer to the attached file "01_Recruitment Guidelines Non-tenured.pdf".

2.Working Conditions
(i) Duty hours: Scheduled working days and working hours (e.g., the start and end of work, time off) are based on university regulations. However, the Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work (working hours will be deemed as 8 hours per day) will be applied. Working hours and how to proceed with work are at the discretion of faculty.

(ii) Salary: Provided in accordance with university regulations.
Model case: Annual salary for a 35-year-old Assistant Professor (non-tenured) is 6,460,440 yen (including tax) in AY2022.
Further inquiries into salary should be emailed to:

(iii) Benefits and Commuting Expenses: Provided in accordance with university regulations.

(iv) Holidays and Vacations: Saturdays, Sundays, the end and the beginning of the year, National Holidays, compensatory holidays appointed by Waseda University for holding classes on public holidays, and University Anniversary (excluding days specified by the university on which classes are held). Vacations determined in acts such as Labor Standard Acts and vacations determined by the university (e.g., summer and winter vacations, office shut-down periods).

(v) Social Insurance: The employee shall be enrolled in the Employee's Pension Insurance, Health Insurance, Worker's Compensation Insurance, and Employment Insurance.

(ⅵ) Retirement Payment: not provided

Application period
2022/10/28 -  2023/02/16 Deadline for receipt
/notification of result
/contact details

Application Materials:
(1) Curriculum vitae in English
(2) Education and Research Achievements in English
(3) Proof of doctoral degree (a copy of the diploma or a degree certificate issued by the university where the applicant completed his/her graduate work). If the candidate has no doctoral degree, proof of the highest academic degree earned must be submitted.
(4) Personal statement (Please use the format provided).
(5) A sample syllabus for a course of academic English writing for advanced students.
(6) Photocopies and/or offprints of up to three major publications (e.g., books, articles, academic papers).
(7) Information on one person who can act as reference for the applicant.

Note: Applicants who have passed the first-round screening will be requested to submit a letter of recommendation from the person by April 5th, 2023. A letter of recommendation should be sent by email (address: by the recommender, not the applicant.

Please note:
a) All application materials must be submitted in English.
b) In principle, all the application materials should be submitted via the designed online form( If you have trouble submitting materials via the designated online form, send them to the following email address as attachments. Email Address:
In addition, if you would like to submit books as your major publications, please contact us by email ( You may be allowed to submit them via registered mail (e.g., FedEx, DHL).
c) You must use the prescribed format for application materials (1), (2) and (4).
d) None of the application materials submitted will be returned.
e) We, the Global Education Center currently have two openings for positions teaching Academic English Writing.
Non-tenured position (this faculty recruitment information):
Tenure-track or tenured position (the other one):
You can apply for both positions via the form above if you choose.
f) Any false information in the application documents may result in the cancellation of employment.

Deadline for application: August 3rd, 2022 in Japan Standard Time

Procedures of the Search Committee:
(1) Document screening:
Applicants who have passed the first-round screening will be informed through email by late-March, 2023.
(2) Interview:
An interview with the search committee will be held at Waseda Campus in mid-April, 2023.
Note: Only in cases where a candidate has to fly from overseas to attend the interview will the GEC provide roundtrip airfare, plus hotel accommodation for two nights (with the limit of 13,000 yen/night).

Waseda University Global Education Center
1-6-1 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-8050, Japan

Attached documents
Online Submission
Online Submission with all application documents is available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
Not available
Email Application
Not available
Recruiting Institution's
Web application system
Additional information

Waseda University is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion. In all matters related to faculty recruitment and promotion, the University prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of sex, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, creed, and age.

In the event of any contradiction or discrepancy between the job opening on JREC-IN and that of on Waseda University websites have been provided, the latter one shall always take precedence.

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