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Research Staff (Sophia University, Faculty of Science and Technology)
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[Job Description]
This is an announcement for a Research Staff (postdoc position) position financed by the Transformative Research Areas (A) Project “CO world", Theory (A01) group.
The successful applicant will join a multidisciplinary group at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Sophia University to study the evolution and composition of atmospheres in habitable planets.

Project Background
The main scope of the project is focused on the construction, development and/or application of atmospheric models of Earth-like rocky planets to understand the atmospheric chemistry under different planetary conditions, volatile cycling, and observational spectra of Exoplanets.
This opening is flexible to a variety of topics and fields applicable to the topics described below, such as:
Chemical kinetics applied to the construction of reaction networks
Atmospheric model development
Spectroscopy applied to atmospheric molecules
Ab-initio calculations applied to the determination of reaction rates constants and UV absorption spectra
Numerical simulation of chamber experiments
Any previous research field is acceptable, as long as the applicant has the necessary skills to carry out a proposed research project. Communication in the laboratory can be in English or Japanese, non-Japanese speakers will be provided with support for their research activities in Japan. Part of the budget of this project can be used upon research leader approval by the candidate to finance research activities. However, the amount available for use varies depending on the amount allocated each year.

Candidates who do not completely fulfill these skills are encouraged to apply. Candidates with original ideas related to the CO World project are very encouraged to apply.

Contract term: Starting from April 1st, 2023, 1 year with a possible extension until the end of the project. Starting date can be negotiated but preference will be given to candidates that can start before June 1st.

More information about the CO World and work location:


[Work location]
7-1 Kioichō, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 102-8554

Research field
Mathematical and physical sciences
Earth and planetary science
Basic chemistry
Job type
Researcher/Postdoc level
Employment status
From the contract date until March 31, 2024 (with the possibility of contract renewal until March 31, 2027, when the project ends)
Work location
Kanto district - Tokyo 

Applicants should hold a doctoral degree or equivalent skills in their own research fields.


Annual base salary, which corresponds to JPY 402,000 per month.

[Working Hours]
De facto working hours* under the discretionary labor system:
8 hours per day (40 hours per week)
*Hours considered as working hours

[Employment Status]

From the contract date until March 31, 2024 (with the possibility of contract renewal until March 31, 2027, when the project ends)

[Probationary Period]
Probationary period is subject to the Employment Regulations for Fixed-Term Staff of Sophia University

[Social Insurance and Other Benefits]
Employee's pension, Mutual Aid Association short term benefits (health insurance), Employment insurance, Worker's compensation Insurance.

Application period
2022/11/25 -  2023/03/01 Deadline for receipt
/notification of result
/contact details

[Required Documents]
Please prepare the following materials in PDF format, in English or Japanese. There is no set format.
1) Cover letter including a statement of interests
2) Curriculum vitae including educational background, professional experience, honors and awards, and e-mail address
3) List of research achievements classified into the following categories:
peer-reviewed journal papers, invited presentations in conferences, books, and others (please mark representative journal papers, up to three)
4) Representative journal papers, up to three
5) Outline of research achievements and statement of research plans(up to 2 pages in A4 size)
6) List of names and contact information of two references. Their name, affiliation, phone number, e-mail address, and their relationship to the applicants should be provided.

[How to Submit an Application]
Please submit the PDF files of the application documents in one zip file through JREC-IN Portal Web Application

[Selection Process]
Selected candidates will be interviewed (online)

[Notification Methods of Selection Results]

Fuyutsuki Seba, Sophia University, Faculty of Science and Technology.
E-mail address: sebastian.d[@] (replace [at] by @).
Phone: +81-3-3238-3368

1) Application materials will not be returned. Personal information provided in the submitted documents will be used only for the selection process in accordance with the regulations of the Sophia University and will not be used for any other purpose.
2) During the selection process, candidates may be requested to provide additional information regarding, for example, research achievements.
3) Information about Sophia University can be found at
4) Information about the Transformative Research Areas (A) Project “CO world" can be found at
5) In order to ensure a diverse workspace, Sophia University guarantees equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of nationality or gender and takes positive action in the selection process.

Online Submission
Online Submission with all application documents is available.
JREC-IN Portal web application
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