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Regulations for General Users

This regulation is for all users using of JREC-IN Portal.

JREC-IN Portal: Regulations for General Users

The Regulations shall define the conditions for viewing and using the services of the JREC-IN Portal operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (hereinafter referred to as "the Agency") for assisting the expansion of the career paths of research personnel via provision of relevant information.

Article 1
1. The Regulations shall apply to all acts related to use by any user (hereinafter referred to as "general user") and to all interactions between general users and the Agency. However, in case of acts conducted by general users in their capacity as "registered users," "Registered Employment Placement Business Providers," or "Registered Recruiting Institutions," those shall be regulated primarily by regulations relevant to those acts. General users are considered to have agreed to the Regulations once they use the JREC-IN Portal.
2. In case of other regulations, terms of use, etc. posted in the link destinations in the information provided through the JREC-IN Portal, acts relating to the use of those link destinations shall be primarily regulated by the relevant regulations, etc. In such cases, general users should adhere to the relevant regulations, etc.

Article 2
1. The copyright in the information provided through the JREC-IN Portal as well as other copyright shall belong to the Agency or a third-party rights-holder.
2. Excluding cases recognized in the Copyright Act, general users may not use copyrighted material on the JREC-IN Portal without the permission of the rights-holder.

(Use of registered information)
Article 3
1. Job posting-related information and other information of registered recruiting institutions (hereinafter jointly referred to as "registered information") may be used within the scope of usage conditions defined by the Agency elsewhere, following an advance application according to a form determined by the Agency and only with the approval of the Agency.
2. Usage as defined in the preceding paragraph is limited to organizations including national/local government, education (academic)/research, corporations, and related individuals (executives, staff, faculty, researchers, employees, etc.) as well as the purposes enumerated below.
  (1) Implementation, expansion, new deployment, public relations, etc., of projects of the government and the Agency;
  (2) Designing and planning of a national policy for academics, science and technology, or higher education;
  (3) R&D contributing to the development of academia, science and technology, or higher education;
  (4) Surveys and research contributing to career development support for human resources; and
  (5) Provision of information when required by laws or ordinances, or concerned government ministries and agencies.
3. Based on Paragraph 1, the Agency shall, in advance, make modifications to the registered information, such as deleting information identifying individuals, before providing it to the relevant general user for whom use of the registered information has been approved.
4. Once use of the registered information has concluded, the general user must submit a discard certificate, the format of which is determined by the Agency.

(Prohibited matters)
Article 4
1. The Agency prohibits general users from conducting the following acts regarding the JREC-IN Portal.
  (1) Acts that violate or are likely to violate laws, the Regulations, or other ordinances of the Agency, or that offend or are likely to offend public order and morals;
  (2) Acts that infringe, or are likely to infringe, upon the intellectual property rights, privacy, and other rights of the Agency or third-party others;
  (3) Acts that defame others, injure their reputation or trust, cause trouble or disadvantages to them, or hurt them;
  (4) Acts that make use of the JREC-IN Portal while deviating from its purposes as set forth in the Regulations;
  (5) Advertisement of products or services for commercial purposes, or acts aimed at solicitation based on political or religious activities;
  (6) Reverse engineering, reverse assembly, or reverse compilation of related systems and programs, or acts that extract or attempt to extract the source code;
  (7) Illegal access, acts aimed at illegal access, acts that put excessive load on the service, or acts that send or attempt to send files infected by a virus, etc.;
  (8) Acts that download or attempt to download large amounts of information uploaded to the JREC-IN Portal by using mechanical or similar means;
  (9) Acts that may obstruct the operations of the JREC-IN Portal or other Agency projects; or
  (10) Other acts that are reasonably deemed inappropriate by the Agency.
2. If a general user commits any of the acts described above, the Agency may suspend or limit that user's use of the JREC-IN Portal or implement other measures deemed appropriate.

(Collected information and its handling)
Article 5
1. The Agency records general user information on a server in the form of an access log. The access log shall never be provided to a third party and the collected information shall never be used for any other purpose, except for special reasons, such as it being requested by a general user or there having been illegal access, obstruction, or some other violation. However, collected information may be made public after statistical processing.
2. The Agency shall implement measures required to appropriately manage the collected information, including prevention of its leakage, loss, and damage.

(Restrictions on system operations)
Article 6
The Agency shall be able to stop or suspend operations of the JREC-IN Portal, either completely or partly, in case it is required for maintenance, repairs, or otherwise.

(Exemption from liability)
Article 7
1. Despite its best efforts, the Agency shall make no warranty with respect to veracity, accuracy, credibility, utility, or relevancy regarding the information on the JREC-IN Portal.
2. General users shall use the JREC-IN Portal on their own responsibility, while the Agency shall not bear any responsibility for damage (either direct or indirect) caused by use of, or in relation to, the JREC-IN Portal.
3. Any dispute between a general user and a third party arising from the use of the JREC-IN Portal shall be resolved at the responsibility and cost of the general user, without any involvement of the Agency.

(Change or termination)
Article 8
1. When using the JREC-IN Portal, general users shall bear in mind that information on the JREC-IN Portal may be subject to additions, revisions, deletions, and other changes at any time.
2. Excluding cases of unavoidable urgency, the Agency shall notify general users in advance if the JREC-IN Portal is to be terminated, doing so by means deemed appropriate by the Agency.

(Revision of the Regulations)
Article 9
The Agency may make changes or additions to the Regulations, setting a date when they are to come into effect, if reasonably deemed necessary, of which general users shall be notified either via the JREC-IN Portal or by means deemed appropriate by the Agency.

Article 10
If a general user causes damage to the Agency through their use of the JREC-IN Portal, the Agency shall be able to claim for damages from that general user.

(Governing law and jurisdiction)
Article 11
The Regulations shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Moreover, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive primary jurisdiction with respect to all disputes arising from usage of the JREC-IN Portal.

The Regulations shall come into effect on October 11, 2022.