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Privacy policy

Although an English translation of this Privacy policy, Regulations and other information are provided on JREC-IN Portal, they are just for the convenience of users. the Japanese original shall be the official version. Please refer to the Japanese original as necessary in using JREC-IN Portal.

The Japan Science and Technology Agency (hereinafter referred to as "the Agency") prescribed the following fundamental policy to handle personal information in the operation of JREC-IN Portal. The JREC-IN Portal is a collective term for the website called "Research Personnel Portal Site JREC-IN Portal (Japan Research Career Information Network Portal)" ( mail delivery and other services associated with the website. The Agency will comply the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc. (Act No. 59 of 2003)," ("the Act") the protection rule of personal information of the Agency and this Privacy policy.

    (The purpose of utilization of personal information)

  • The purpose of using personal information is as follows. In the case of using personal information for purposes other than those stipulated in the following items and not permitted by the Act, the Agency shall specify the purpose of use in advance to the Individual Concerned, and acquire or use such personal information:

    • Operation of JREC-IN Portal;

    • Provision of the following services or functions of JREC-IN Portal:

      • Personal authentication to use JREC-IN Portal;

      • Matching e-mail Service, which is a service to deliver job postings meeting the desired terms and conditions by e-mail;

      • Job applicant inquiry e-mail Service, which is a service to disclose job applicant information to Registered Recruiting Institutions to the extent desired by the Registered User concerned, and to deliver e-mails from Registered Recruiting Institution to Registered User via JREC-IN Portal;

      • Web Application Function, which is a function to provide job applicant information, other information or data files to such Registered Recruiting Institution as designated by the job applicant concerned; and

      • Other services or functions associated with the JREC-IN Portal.

    • Usage for the purpose of public relations of the Agency, JREC-IN Portal and other services, project and measure provided or implemented by the Agency;

    • Implementation of questionnaire, research and interviews, etc.; and

    • Investigation of compliance and implementation of measures and actions based on the results of such investigation.

  • (Acquisition of personal information)

  • The Agency shall acquire personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use in a legal and fair way.

  • (Management of Personal Information)

  • The Agency shall manage acquired personal information appropriately to prevent use for purposes other than the original purpose, leakage or redelivering. The Agency shall also take necessary and appropriate measures for safety management of collected personal information and strive to prevent falsification, information leakage, loss and unauthorized access.

  • (Outsourcing of Personal Information)

  • The Agency may outsource the whole or a part of the business handling personal information to an external service provider to the extent necessary for operation of JREC-IN Portal. In this case, the Agency shall conduct a rigorous evaluation of such provider and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of such provider for safety management of entrusted personal information.

  • (Provision of Personal Information to Third Party)

  • The Agency shall not provide any personal information to a third party without the consent of the Individual Concerned, except in case providing within the range permitted by the Act.

  • (Exemption from Liability Regarding Personal Information)

  • In any of the following cases, the Agency shall not assume any responsibility for acquisition of personal information by a third party:

    • When the Individual Concerned discloses personal information to a third party by using the function of JREC-IN Portal or other means;

    • When the Individual Concerned can be identified unexpectedly by personal information registered on JREC-IN Portal by such Individual Concerned;

    • When personal information is provided by the Individual Concerned on any website or service provided by the Agency or a third party which is accessible via JREC-IN Portal and such information is used; or

    • When a person other than the Individual Concerned obtains any information such as Personal authentication information which enables such Individual Concerned to be identified.

  • (Cookie technology)

  • The cookie technology is used in JREC-IN Portal for users to update their information via internet. Cookie is the standard technology for the web server to identify the client computer. Cookie cannot collect any such information as identifying individual. You can disable the cookie by changing the preference. However, if you disable the cookie, all or part of the service might be unavailable.

  • (Information security)

  • The JREC-IN Portal is provided with safe and secure server software for users to input their personal information.

  • (Revision of Privacy policy)

  • The Privacy policy may be revised without prior notice.

  • (Receptionist)

  • Please contact the following receptionist for handling of personal information.


    Japan Science and Technology Agency, Department for Information Infrastructure



Japan Science and Technology Agency, the protection rule of personal information [only Japanese]