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List of job types

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Head of institution, such as President
Director of institution, etc.
Professor level
Full Professor
Director of Department or Laboratory, etc.
Associate Professor
Associate Professor, Senior Assistant Professor
Lecturer level
Lecturer (full-time)
Assistant Professor level
Assistant Professor
Research Associate, etc.
Researcher/Postdoc level
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Fellow, etc.
Lecturer (part-time)
Lecturer (part-time), etc.
Research/Educational Assistance
Research Assistant
Technical Staff
Engineering Official
Experimental Assistant
Teaching Assistant, etc.
Research Administration
Research Administrator
Program Officer
Coordinator, etc.
R&D Specialist
Technical Expert
Engineer, etc.
Instructor at a professional training school
Teacher at an elementary/junior high/high school, etc.
Public Relations
Science Communicator
Specialist for Sci. & Tech., Journalist for Sci. & Tech., etc.
Chief Researcher level
Senior Research Fellow, etc.
Planning manager (private company)
Technical manager (private company)
Sales manager (private company)
Administrative manager (private company)
Planning staff (private company)
Technical staff (private company)
Sales staff (private company)
Other staff (private company)
Other than those above