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List of research fields

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Life Science
Plant nutrition and soil science
Applied microbiology
Applied biochemistry
Bioorganic chemistry
Food sciences
Applied molecular and cellular biology
Forest science
Wood science
Aquatic bioproduction science
Aquatic life science
Animal production science
Veterinary medical science
Animal life science
Laboratory animal science
Molecular biology
Structural biochemistry
Functional biochemistry
Genome biology
System genome science
Cell biology
Developmental biology
Plant molecular biology and physiology
Morphology and anatomical structure
Animal physiological chemistry, physiology and behavioral biology
Evolutionary biology
Biodiversity and systematics
Ecology and environment
Physical anthropology
Applied anthropology
Anatomy and histopathology of nervous system
Function of nervous system
Pharmaceutical chemistry and drug development sciences
Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry and physicochemistry
Pharmaceutical hygiene and biochemistry
Environmental and natural pharmaceutical resources
Clinical pharmacy
Medical biochemistry
Pathological biochemistry
Human pathology
Experimental pathology
Tumor biology
Tumor diagnostics and therapeutics
Basic brain sciences
Cognitive and brain science
Pathophysiologic neuroscience
General internal medicine
Radiological sciences
Embryonic medicine and pediatrics
Respiratory medicine
Hematology and medical oncology
Connective tissue disease and allergy
Infectious disease medicine
Metabolism and endocrinology
General surgery and pediatric surgery
Digestive surgery
Cardiovascular surgery
Respiratory surgery
Emergency medicine
Obstetrics and gynecology
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Oral biological science
Oral pathobiological science
Conservative dentistry
Regenerative dentistry and dental engineering
Surgical dentistry
Developmental dentistry
Social dentistry
Medical management and medical sociology
Hygiene and public health: including laboratory approach
Hygiene and public health: excluding laboratory approach
Forensics medicine
Fundamental of nursing
Clinical nursing
Lifelong developmental nursing
Gerontological nursing and community health nursing
Rehabilitation science
Sports sciences
Physical education, and physical and health education
Nutrition science and health science
Biomedical engineering
Medical systems
Medical technology assessment
Medical assistive technology
Mechanics and mechatronics
Robotics and intelligent system
Theory of informatics
Mathematical informatics
Statistical science
Computer system
Information network
Information security
High performance computing
Computational science
Perceptual information processing
Human interface and interaction
Intelligent informatics
Soft computing
Intelligent robotics
Kansei informatics
Life, health and medical informatics
Web informatics and service informatics
Learning support system
Entertainment and game informatics
Environmental science
Science in plant genetics and breeding
Crop production science
Horticultural science
Plant protection science
Insect science
Conservation of biological resources
Landscape science
Rural sociology and agricultural structure
Rural environmental engineering and planning
Agricultural environmental engineering and agricultural information engineering
Environmental agriculture
Environmental dynamic analysis
Radiation influence
Chemical substance influence on environment
Environmental impact assessment
Environmental load and risk assessment
Environmental load reduction and remediation
Environmental materials and recycle technology
Social-ecological systems
Sound material-cycle social systems
Environmental policy and social systems
Metallic material properties
Inorganic materials and properties
Composite materials and interfaces
Structural materials and functional materials
Material processing and microstructure control
Metals production and resources production
Nanometer-scale chemistry
Nanostructural physics
Applied physical properties
Thin film/surface and interfacial physical properties
Applied condensed matter physics
Crystal engineering
Optical engineering and photon science
Fundamental physical chemistry
Functional solid state chemistry
Structural organic chemistry and physical organic chemistry
Synthetic organic chemistry
Inorganic/coordination chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Green sustainable chemistry and environmental chemistry
Polymer chemistry
Polymer materials
Organic functional materials
Inorganic compounds and inorganic materials chemistry
Energy chemistry
Bio chemistry
Chemistry and chemical methodology of biomolecules
Chemical biology
Energy Engineering
Fundamental plasma
Nuclear fusion
Applied plasma science
Nuclear engineering
Earth resource engineering, Energy sciences
Quantum beam science
Manufacturing Technology
Mechanics of materials and materials
Manufacturing and production engineering
Design engineering
Machine elements and tribology
Fluid engineering
Thermal engineering
Power engineering
Communication and network engineering
Measurement engineering
Control and system engineering
Electric and electronic materials
Electron device and electronic equipment
Transport phenomena and unit operations
Chemical reaction and process system engineering
Catalyst and resource chemical process
Biofunction and bioprocess engineering
Social Infrastructure
Civil engineering material, execution and construction management
Structure engineering and earthquake engineering
Geotechnical engineering
Civil engineering plan and transportation engineering
Environmental systems for civil engineering
Building structures and materials
Architectural environment and building equipment
Architectural planning and city planning
Architectural history and design
Social systems engineering
Safety engineering
Disaster prevention engineering
Frontier Technology
Aerospace engineering
Marine engineering
Humanities & Social Sciences
Philosophy and ethics
Chinese philosophy, Indian philosophy and Buddhist philosophy
Religious studies
History of thought
Aesthetics and art studies
History of arts
Theory of art practice
Sociology of science, history of science and technology
Japanese literature
Chinese literature
English literature and literature in the English language
European literature
Literature in general
Japanese linguistics
English linguistics
Japanese language education
Foreign language education
Historical studies in general
Japanese history
History of Asia and Africa
History of Europe and America
Cultural assets study
Human geography
Cultural anthropology and folklore
Legal theory and history
Public law
International law
Social law
Criminal law
Civil law
New fields of law
International relations
Economic theory
Economic doctrines and economic thought
Economic statistics
Economic policy
Public economics and labor economics
Money and finance
Economic history
Business administration
Social welfare
Family and consumer sciences, and culture and living
Sociology of education
Childhood and nursery/pre-school education
Education on school subjects and primary/secondary education
Tertiary education
Special needs education
Educational technology
Science education
Social psychology
Educational psychology
Clinical psychology
Experimental psychology
Agricultural and food economics
Area studies
Tourism studies
Gender studies
Library and information science, humanistic and social informatics
Cognitive science
Natural Science
Basic analysis
Mathematical analysis
Basic mathematics
Applied mathematics and statistics
Mathematical physics and fundamental theory of condensed matter physics
Semiconductors, optical properties of condensed matter and atomic physics
Magnetism, superconductivity and strongly correlated systems
Biophysics, chemical physics and soft matter physics
Theoretical studies related to particle-, nuclear-, cosmic ray and astro-physics
Experimental studies related to particle-, nuclear-, cosmic ray and astro-physics
Space and planetary sciences
Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences
Human geosciences
Solid earth sciences