User registration

Eligibility for registering as a User

Individuals working or seeking Jobs related to research and has related professional knowledge, experience or qualifications to those jobs.
Individuals who desire to use the contents on JREC-IN Portal.
(For further information, please refer Article 2 (Definition of Terms) and Article 5 (User Registration Procedure) of Regulations for Registered Users)

Services provided after registering as a User

[Registering/Updating Job applicant information]
You can register published applicant information 24/7.

[Inquiry e-mails]
You will be able to receive Job applicant inquiry e-mails from Registered Recruiting Institutions (research institutions, etc.) .
* You need to register your published applicant information to receive those e-mails.

[Tools for Application]
You can create your own "Application Form" and "Achievements and Activities" by entering the prescribed information.
Users with a researchmap ID can feed and use the information registered in researchmap (*) .
(*) researchmap: An online directory of researchers in Japan administered by JST that seeks to achieve mutual communications between researchers. (

[Matching e-mail]
Job postings that match your desired conditions can be received by e-mail.
* Desired conditions must be set in order to use matching e-mail.

[Favorite Job Postings]
You can save your favorite job postings by searching from Job posting search menu.

[Web application]
You can apply to job postings online. You can also check the status and details of a web application.
* A web application can be submitted as long as "JREC-IN Portal Web application" is marked as "Accept" in the "Detailed information" screen shown after searching for job postings from Job posting Search menu. A web application cannot be submitted if this item is marked as "Not available."

Steps for registering as a User

1. Application of User Registration
Read "Regulations for Registered Users" carefully, and click "Agree to the above regulations and register."
In the following page, enter your e-mail address and click "Submit"

2. Setting Password
An e-mail requesting to set your password will be automatically sent to the e-mail address that you entered. Check that you have received the e-mail, and then use your web browser to access the URL contained in the e-mail within three days.
Enter your password and User Basic Information.

3. User Registration is completed
You are registered as User on registering password and User Basic Information.