Detailed information

Date of update : 2023/10/04 End date of accepting applications : 2024/02/29
Date of update : 2023/10/04
End date of accepting applications : 2024/02/29

Work location : Chugoku district - Okayama

Date of publication : 2023/10/04

[Extension of period]Call for Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) (Division of Bioorganic Chemistry)


National university

Research field : Nanotechnology/Materials - Synthetic organic chemistry | Nanotechnology/Materials - Chemistry and chemical methodology of biomolecules

Assistant Professor level : Regular employee - Nontenured - Tenure-track - Probationary period present

Job description

  • Background of the recruitment and description of the project

    Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Environmental, Life, Natural Science and Technology, Okayama university is seeking to appoint a suitable candidate for the position of Assistant Professor(Tenure Track). Detailed possible research fields are shown below.

  • Work content and job description

    Research: Bioorganic chemistry based on synthetic organic chemistry, such as total synthesis of bioactive natural products and development of new synthetic reaction.
    Education: The applicant should be able to teach undergraduate and graduate courses related to organic chemistry, in addition to undergraduate experimental subjects and exercises. In addition, the applicant may also need to teach liberal arts education courses and specialized education courses of undergraduate and graduate schools.
    Organizational management: The applicant may need to engage in assistance with organizational management at Okayama University.

  • Assigned department

    Existing departments

    Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Environmental, Life, Natural Science and Technology

Job type

  • Assistant Professor level

Research field

  • Nanotechnology/Materials - Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Nanotechnology/Materials - Chemistry and chemical methodology of biomolecules


  • Annual Salary : 3 million yen ~ 7 million yen

    Basic annual salary and Performance-based annual salary : 3,692,000-6,328,000yen
    The amount of salary is determined in consideration of the person’s educational background, licenses and qualifications, work experience, etc. according to the National University Corporation Okayama University annual salary application staff salary rules.
    Salary rules:

Working hours

  • Working hours :08:30-17:30

    Holidays : Saturdays and Sundays, national holidays, and December 29 to January 3 (Article 42, paragraph 2 of the Personnel Work Rules)

    Overtime and other explanations : Discretionary labor system for professional work is applied. Overtime work is not required in principle. Day-off work may be required. (Articles 41 and 42 of the Personnel Work Rules)

Application requirements


  • Education and Degree Requirements

    Ph.D. / Doctor

Employment Type

  • Regular employee

Contract period

  • Nontenured - Tenure-track

    5 years from the day of arrival at the new post
    Tenure screening
    Tenure screening is conducted six months before the expiration date. If the screening results meet the attached evaluation criteria, the person will be hired as an academic
    staff member (until the retirement age) from the day after the tenure track expiration date.

    Probationary period present

    Trial period 6 month

Work location

  • 700-8530 Okayama 3-1-1 Tsushimanaka, Kita-ku, Okayama City,


  • Various systems

    Retirement allowances : available

    Transportation expenses : available

    Retirement age : available

    Others : Salary increase: Not available (However, the grade may be revised according to the separately determined standard)
    Performance-based annual salary: Available (under separately established criteria)

  • Insurance

    Employees' Health Insurance : available

    Employees' Pension Insurance : available

    Worker's accident insurance : available

    Employment insurance : available

  • Measures for preventing passive smoking at the workplace

    Smoking is prohibited on campus.

Application Considerations

Number of hired

    1 person(s)

  • Job content supplemental explanation

    【Post commencement date】
    As soon as possible after Octorber 2024

Application period

  • 2023/10/04~2024/02/29 Deadline for receipt

    Applications will be closed as soon as a well-qualified person is selected.

Application method

  • Application documents (specified forms)

    • Forms 1-6.doc
    • Tenure Examination Standards for Faculty of Environmental,Life,Natural,Science and Technology (Assistant Professor) (Applied Chemistry).pdf
  • Attached documents

    Application Form : Online Submission , Mailing
    (1) CV (Form 1 with a face photo)

    Other online application forms
    【Application method】
    (2) Activities in academic societies and society (Form 2)
    (3) Curriculum vitae on education (Form 3)
    (4) Research achievement summary (Form 4)
    (5) List of research achievements (Form 5)
    (6) References that are able to respond to inquiries about the applicant. (Form 6)
    (7) Books, reprints, etc. (up to 5 main ones, copy allowed)
    (8) Other documents required for examination (free format)
    ① Future research prospects: up to two sheet of A4 paper
    ② Educational aspirations: up to one sheet of A4 paper
    Forms 1-6, please use these attached documents.
    Please send the above documents by E-mail or by mail.
    In the case of sending the documents by E-mail, please indicate “Application (Assistant Professor)" in a subject of the E-mail. When sending the application materials via mail, please write “Application (Assistant Professor, Bioorganic Chemistry)" in red on the front of the envelope.
    * Please note that application documents will not be returned. Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than selection and will be deleted responsibly by Okayama University Corporation after the examination.

  • Return of application documents

    We will dispose of all application documents responsibly.

  • Application document submission method (physically mailed documents)

    700-8530 Okayama 3-1-1 Tsushimanaka, Kita-ku, Okayama City,
    Akira Sakakura

  • * Out of application period.

JREC-IN Portal web application
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E-mail Application
Recruiting Institution's Web application system
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Selection / Notification of result

  • Selection

    After reviewing the documents, interviews will be carried out as needed.
    The interview schedule will be announced later.
    (The applicants should pay transportation and accommodation expenses for the interview.)

  • Notification of result

    The selection result will be notified to all applicants.

Contact details

Okayama University

Faculty of Environmental, Life, Natural Science and Technology

Akira Sakakura



-2/29 Extension of open call for participants.
Okayama University promotes gender equality and supports female teachers. We welcome active participation of women in the application process.