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Now recruiting
Date of update : 2024/03/21 End date of accepting applications : 2024/08/31
Now recruiting
Date of update : 2024/03/21
End date of accepting applications : 2024/08/31

Work location : Kanto district - Kanagawa

Date of publication : 2024/03/28

Job Posting for Assistant Professor (Material Science and Technology Field)


National university

Research field : Nanotechnology/Materials - Material processing and microstructure control | Nanotechnology/Materials - Metallic material properties | Nanotechnology/Materials - Analytical chemistry

Assistant Professor level : Regular employee - Nontenured - Non-tenure track - Probationary period present

Job description

  • Background of the recruitment and description of the project

    Area of Specialization:The desired research area is materials science and engineering, especially related to the creation and development of new materials, electrochemistry, materials processing, composites, new surface functions, sensors and actuators, MEMS, metallurgical chemistry, chemical materials science, etc.
  • Work content and job description

    The successful candidate will be required to be in following affiliations.
    (Research) Institute of Innovative Research
    Primary: Laboratory for Materials and Structures (60%)
    Secondary: Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (40%)
    (Education) School of Materials and Chemical Technology
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    Course: Materials Science and Engineering

    The successful candidate will be required to engage in research, teach, and supervise graduate and undergraduate students in English and Japanese.

  • Assigned department

    Existing departments

    Laboratory for Materials and Structures, and Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology, Institute of Innovative ResearchL

Job type

  • Assistant Professor level

Research field

  • Nanotechnology/Materials - Material processing and microstructure control
  • Nanotechnology/Materials - Metallic material properties
  • Nanotechnology/Materials - Analytical chemistry


  • Annual Salary : 4 million yen ~ 6 million yen

    The successful candidate will be paid under the “Annual Salary System with Lump-Sum Retirement Allowance” pursuant to the Institute’s Regulations on Wage and Salary for Staff under Annual Salary System with Lump-Sum Retirement Allowance. In accordance with the regulations, the amount of annual salary will be determined based on the standard level for the first fiscal year of employment, and will be based on performance evaluations in subsequent years. A retirement allowance will be paid separately at the time of retirement.

    Annual salary examples (The amounts listed below are only examples provided in the regulations and do not relate to this position.)

    Assistant professor hired immediately after completing a doctoral degree
    Standard: JPY 5,000,000
    Minimum*: JPY 4,800,000
    Maximum*: JPY 5,600,000
    *The minimum and maximum amounts will vary depending on performance.

Working hours

  • Working hours :08:30-17:30

    Break time :12:00-13:15

Application requirements


  • Education and Degree Requirements

    Ph.D. / Doctor

    Applicants should have a PhD, or will have a PhD by the employment.

  • Description

    Applicants have notable research and education performance in the above research fields.
    Candidates must be highly motivated, willing to conduct collaborative research with related industries.

Employment Type

  • Regular employee

Contract period

  • Nontenured - Non-tenure track

    Fixed-term appointments will be for up to 5 years. Reappointment may be possible for one additional term of up to 5 years. The total term is limited to a maximum of 10 years from the original date of employment.

    Probationary period present

    6 months

Work location

  • 226-8503 Kanagawa Suzukakedai Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 4259-R2 Nagatsuta-cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama


  • Insurance

    Employees' Health Insurance : available

    Employees' Pension Insurance : available

    Worker's accident insurance : available

    Employment insurance : available

  • Measures for preventing passive smoking at the workplace

    Smoking in workplaces is basically prohibited. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Application Considerations

Number of hired

    1 person(s)

    Hiring date : 2025/01/01

    Starting date : 2025/01/01

Application period

  • 2024/03/29~2024/08/31 Deadline for receipt

Application method

  • Application documents (specified forms)

  • Attached documents

    Application Form : Online Submission
    1.Curriculum vitae* including professional and educational history (from high school onward), photo, field of research, degrees, awards, and email address.
    *Please use the format as attached ducument
    Achievements and Activities : Online Submission
    2.List of accomplishment, sorted in the following categories:
    a.Refereed journal papers
    b.Refereed and non-refereed conference proceedings
    e.Patents, etc.
    For lectures, state if it was a keynote or invited lecture.
    For item a., choose five important papers, and indicate the number of citations and the name of database used (Google Scholar Citations, Web of Science, or Inspire etc.). Show the h-index.

    Other online application forms
    3.Up to three major publications (in pdf format)
    4.Acquired research grants and external funds Including names of the funds, project titles, amounts, periods of research, and allocated amounts (if not the principal researcher)
    5.Research statement with a summary of research accomplishments and details of the future direction and plan for the applicant’s work (free form, one A4 pages)
    6.Teaching experience and accomplishments (free form, one A4 page).
    7.Social activities such as those as a member of international and academic committees
    8.Desired start date
    9.One reference with name, affiliation, and contact details
    10.Filled Excel file: format can be downloaded from the attached ducument

  • Return of application documents

    We will dispose of all application documents responsibly.

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E-mail Application
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Recruiting Institution's Web application system
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Selection / Notification of result

  • Selection

    Selection will be based on a comprehensive review of applications and interviews.
    Selected applicants may be asked to have an on-campus interview and give a presentation.
    Please note that travel expenses for attending in-person interviews will not be reimburse

  • Notification of result

    We will contact the candidate after we determine.

Contact details

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Institute of Innovative Research (IIR)

Masato Sone